Book 9 – Personality Plus


This level responds to the need of all adolescents to begin to view his or her independence with confidence and good sense. This requires passing from the patterns and safety of childhood to developing right reasoning and developing his or her own personality in accordance with his or her own particular talents and circumstances: handling a particular time and space in today’s real, as well as virtual, world.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To recognize the basic values of friendship and to develop the skills which lead to true friendship.
  2. To achieve positive relationships and real friendships with people of both sexes.
  3. To develop real friendships as a preparation for the true love which at this age begins to be one of the most important values for adolescents.
  4. To learn to handle frustrations, facing them with constancy, perseverance and the development of resilience when all seems to go wrong.
  5. To acquire the capacity to reason positively when faced with destructive criticism or the irrational acceptance of what others may say or do.
  6. To understand the effects of hormones on the body, thought processes and the relationships on adolescents, both boys and girls.
  7. To value the significance of modesty as the protection of our most intimate self and to understand the importance of trustworthy sources of information in order to make life choices.
  8. To develop the basic elements of ethics, freedom and responsibility.

Key Themes:

  • Integration of the personality is the process by which the person discovers what he or she feels and seeks a corresponding behavior in harmony with his or her nature and dignity.
  • Basic anthropological philosophy and the understanding of sexuality in the integrity of the human person.
  • Autonomy and responsibility; authority and freedom; leadership and teamwork; courage and realism; pleasure and happiness; what is essential and what is incidental.
  • Handling frustration, perseverance differentiated from stubbornness and the development of the capacity to hang in there when all seems to go wrong.
  • How to develop a healthy capacity analyze when confronted by destructive criticism or the acceptance of irrational behavior or language of others.
  • The effect of hormones, which at this stage begin to change the bodies and attitudes of adolescents at the onset of puberty.

Values to be enforced in PERSONALITY PLUS










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