A Unique PSHE Programme

Alive to the World is a new programme of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) based on modern research which indicates that there are established patterns of behaviour which promote human well-being, and that these can be taught. It is based on universal values common to all the major denominations and cultural heritages.

Alive to the World was developed over many years and is fruit of a wide consultation of international experts. The elaboration of the program gave importance to involving teachers who have had first hand experience dealing with students over many years. The stories that make up the core of the student textbooks are mostly written by teachers.

An important strength of Alive to the World is the training provided for its implementation. Complete and up to date training material is furnished to the affiliate organizations in each country who are authorized to conduct training. In Trinidad and Tobago, Communities Alive Education and Training (CAET) have exclusive authorization for conducting training for Alive to the World programs.

The program is comprehensive and thorough in that it covers all the recommended topics of a Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) curriculum (see https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/personal-social-health-and-economic-education-pshe/personal-social-health-and-economic-pshe-education).

A particular strength of Alive to the World is the staged approached where a Teachers Manual and a Student book is provided for each Grade level. The material covered addresses the particular PSHE need for the age group concerned and is adapted to the learning characteristics of the grade level in question.

The Teacher manuals provide complete lesson plans that make delivery easy, requiring a minimum of preparation. Student texts are also provided, again adapted to the different grade levels.

Alive to the World uses stories to achieve the learning objectives of PSHE. This pedagogical method has proven effectiveness when correctly used. The Alive to the World uses stories in a three part pedagogical method:




Many PSHE courses focus on pre-empting antisocial behaviour in matters such as drugs, alcohol, bullying, eating habits and especially in teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. While dealing with these issues, ATW emphasizes the positive at different stages of development, teaching the values and virtues that make for social cohesion and a strong community spirit.

Alive to the World is more than just a PSHE curriculum as it provides a vision that impacts on the entire educational environment of a school. An important part of the programs success is the creation of an enhanced learning environment as the values taught are assimilated by students and teachers alike. It is thus recommended that the entire staff be aware and generally familiar with the Alive to the World program in schools where it is implemented.

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