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As parents in today’s society, we are facing many challenges that previous generations never encountered. From the earliest years, the images and messages our children are receiving are often contra to our value systems; which makes it that much harder to really guide our children in the way we would like. Aware of these challenges, Communities Alive Education and Training (CAET) – a non-profit organization with a mission to promote moral education – would like to take this opportunity to introduce the Alive to the World Series (ATTW).

What is it? The Alive to the World Series is a program that teaches universal values applied to life, character and healthy sexuality. At present, it is in over 17 countries which have experienced very positive results, especially in Latin American schools using the program for more than 5 years

Why do we need it? All educators of children need to inspire good citizenship and pre-empt antisocial behaviours, with the understanding that the outcome of a child’s life is dependent not so much on avoiding certain ills as on developing a strong and rounded character, one built up on virtue. This program gives everyone the tools to make this happen.

What is it about? Alive to the World is an enticing programme which returns to the age-old method of conveying moral truths, by telling stories, just like Aesop did. Stories capture children’s interest, and bring to life particular situations which are memorable and can be discussed from many angles. Subjects are introduced at the appropriate age and stage of development, and messages are conveyed in a non-denominational fashion.

How does it work? Understanding that Virtues are ‘Caught more than Taught’, CAET is offering the ability for parents and Teachers to be trained in the pedagogy behind the series, with the option of assisting with the teaching at schools. Fundamental concepts such as Ethics, Anthropology (the study of the Human person) and Psychology, as well as age related topics on Family, Values for Integration in Adolescence and Values for Affectivity and Sexuality will be part of the training.

Should you wish to be part of this wonderful opportunity to effect moral change in our nation, please see our Registration form for training in the fundamental concepts: 

CAET Registration Form for Alive to the World Training

Venue: Eston Study Centre, #1 Serpentine Rd. St. Clair

Cost $100 per session (materials included)

Facilitator: Tonia Gooding (Postgrad – Marriage and Family Education) 

To confirm your attendance, please email:

We look forward to your participation in this important initiative. Have a pleasant day!

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